Thursday, May 26, 2011

We hate to say it, but…

Australia used to be the land of a “fair go” but we see the damage every day.

It’s the casinos, clubs and hotels. It’s the poker machines and free drinks. The adrenaline and shiny lights. The late nights and the heavy losses.

Did you know?
  1. There are no windows in these places so you do not realise that time is passing
  2. Psychologists plan the music, decor, comfortable seating and how much free food and drink you get to keep you coming in and to keep you there
  3. Parking is made so easy – like entering into a spider’s web
  4. Any mathematician can prove that the longer you stay the more you will lose
  5. “Pensioner days” with cheap lunches are designed to fleece you
  6. You are not a gambler. You are a “player.” It sounds nicer.
  7. There is a drip-win system where small prizes cover up big losses
  8. The term “Responsible Gambling” means nothing
  9. Teachers, miners, government officials and lawyers- anyone can get caught up in it
In case you haven’t noticed, we have waged war on these institutions. We hate seeing lives changed for the worst because of these money guzzlers.
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